Pictures from the book...
Here is a selection of just a few of the beautiful images from "Labyrinths: Ancient Paths of Wisdom and Peace". The book includes 250 color photographs -- the best collection of modern and ancient labyrinths yet published, including ones from medieval manuscripts and Roman villas. There is also a 10 page guide to some of the world's finest models in the USA, Canada, Britain and Europe.
Modern Chartres style labyrinth at Naperville, Illinois, USA
David Weinlader
Labyrinth in Grace Cathedral San Francisco
800 year old labyrinth inside Chartres Cathedral France
Sonia Halliday Photography
Historic turf labyrinth near Winchester, U.K
"Jericho" Labyrinth
Ninth century German manuscript
Roman labyrinth from Salzburg, Austria
Art Resource
Candle labyrinth at Salzburg
G. Candolini
Old stone labyrinth in Finland
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